Sunday, October 19, 2014

Crochet wig

I made this wig a few weeks ago.

I'm SUPER proud of it! There are a couple more things I can do to it, and I will at some point. 

I wanted to make a totally unique headpiece to go with this costume I made:

Cool, huh? It's not for everybody, but those who "get it" will appreciate it. 

It was the largest, most difficult project I've ever undertaken. 

So, for some info on how I constructed the wig. I wanted a bouffant type upper, and struggled with figuring out how to do that without using pounds of yarn. What I came up with: 

Two beanies. Large one on the bottom and smaller on top. Next time I'll try reversing this, but it worked okay. 

Then, sew them together like you would a pillow, leaving a lip of the larger one on the bottom:

Now, stuff the front with poly fill. 

Sew your pocket closed

Arrange your filling where you want the hair to be its fullest. I wanted the front. 

Next, I used a washable marker to mark where I wanted the hair to part. 
Then it was only a matter of sewing in te creases like you would with a stuffed animal. 

When I had the shape I wanted, I began adding hair. That was an insane process that took a full day. Instead of braiding the ends, I would pull them through at he opposite end and chain them. I incorporated the chains throughout te hair do. Then I added some flowers to cover up a part I didn't feel like adding more hair to. :) Cheat. 

The final product is pretty impressive. 

I have a crochet tophat pattern (pictured above) in my Ravelry store. It's my idea of a perfect crochet top hat since all edges are defined and sharp, not rounded and sloppy. 

I also made a HUGE mess. 

If you try it, let me know how it goes! It's not for the faint of heart!! 


  1. Wow you think and dream with wonderful outcomes. How creative!

    1. Thank you! That entire project took me 10 days and I lost quite a bit of weight from not eating. LOL I took it very seriously!